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in Dark Moon Vale

An Amazon triple Bestseller!




#1 Hot New Release in SCI-FI & FANTASY

A barnes & noble / nook press

top 20 holiday favorite!


"Take a trip to the dark side in this uproariously funny tale of immortal souls decking the halls this Christmas Eve. As the creatures of the night gather for a Christmas feast, internal family squabbles, treacherous intrigue, and alpha vampires might just make this night anything but merry." ~ B&N Nook Press

“I laughed until I cried, then I laughed some more.”  – The Book Fairy (Ogden, UT)

"Fall in love this holiday season with one of these twenty romances from some of our favorite authors!" ~ Barnes & Noble, Nook Press Blog 

“Christmas in Dark Moon Vale is a special "gift" to Tessa Dawn's readers! Merry Christmas, Vampyr style! Very Original and Entertaining! (But still Dark and Sexy!)” ~ RS (Missoula, Montana) MT

Christmas In Dark Moon Vale - Tessa Dawn & Eric Dove
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Marquis Silivasi is an Ancient Master Warrior in the arcane house of Jadon: a clan of lethal vampires living in the Rocky Mountains. Known to be harsh, unyielding, and socially inept, he and his iron core yield to only one person—his destiny, Ciopori Demir.

The beautiful, ancient princess can bend Marquis’s will—and melt the vampire’s heart—with nothing more than a crook of her finger. She owns the keys to his soul. Only this year, at Christmas, she has gone too far…

She has meddled in vampire-human affairs.

She has plotted behind Marquis’s back.

And she has disturbed his fragile peace by offering to host a Christmas Eve Gala at the couple’s private estate, which is secluded for a reason…

It is time to teach the female a lesson—Marquis is still the master of his domain!

A serene, picturesque valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains; an internal family squabble, boiling to the surface; and a Christmas Eve feast, hosted by creatures of the night who don’t eat, can’t cook, and rarely socialize with humans…

What could go wrong?

Join the vampires of Dark Moon Vale in this holiday adventure filled with treachery, vengeance, and mayhem: CHRISTMAS IN DARK MOON VALE by Tessa Dawn ~ A Blood Curse Series Novella.

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