(Book #2 in Dragons Realm Saga)


“Dragons Reign is a fantasy novel of intrigue, betrayal, and a rising tide of darkness. The complex interplay of heroes, villains, and ambiguously self-serving factions in this character-driven epic will keep the reader riveted to the last page!” ~


Midwest Book Review, The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

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"It is time to speak of that which we never mention: the prophecy, the omen, the fact that I have come of age.


The transfer of power, the succession of thrones...these things can no longer wait.


It is time.


It is time..."  


~  Prince Dante Dragona

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Dragons Reign - Tessa Dawn & Mikael Naramore
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“It is time to speak of that which we never mention: the prophecy, the omen, the fact that I have come of age…”

In the decades since an innocent human slave was taken to Castle Dragon, against her will, for the sole purpose of bearing a son for the monarchy, much has changed in the Realm: Alliances made in secret have flourished; sons born of veiled paternity have grown to adulthood; and dangerous warlocks, seasoned witches, and cunning shades have risen to powerful positions.


Yet all is not as it seems.

Beneath the shadow of an eerie double moon, a dark, tormented evil is rising…



A prophecy is beckoning: “It is time. It is time.” And a lethal dragon prince is growing restless to seize the throne of his bestial ancestors.

King Demitri will never step aside.

Mina Louvet—indeed, all the Sklavos Ahavi are caught between worlds.

And the web of lies spun by the eldest dragon prince—the treachery, deception, and perversion—may very well spark a war of fire and fury unlike anything the Realm has ever seen—or hoped to survive.

Great reward requires greater risk, and every beating heart will be wagered in this high-stakes game of blood and reckoning.

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