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Blood Curse Series Trailer

"(An) exciting saga of fantastic intrigue and monstrous evil!"

Midwest Book Review

Blood Shadows - Tessa Dawn & Eric Dove
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Nachari Silivasi is a bright light in a Dark World. As the youngest vampire in a family of warriors, he has studied Magick for four-hundred years and acquired a rare mastery of the universe around him. He is beloved by his family; legendary for his good-looks; and known for his uncommon valor. Unfortunately, he has just made the ultimate sacrifice - he has traded his immortal life for the life of the Vampyr King.

Deanna Dubois is as talented as she is independent, but she has developed a strange and terrifying habit: Night after night, day after day, she sketches one horrifying scene after another -- the body of a gorgeous male being tortured in hell by demons. Disturbed by her ever growing obsession, she sets out for Dark Moon Vale to uncover the truth. Only what she finds is a web of danger, destruction, and deceit.

Separated by space and time, yet drawn together by fate, Nachari and Deanna find themselves in an epic battle against evil: Nachari is forced to forge a path in a world of shadows, where torture and lust rule the night; while Deanna struggles to decide between two polar opposites - to flee from the truth or trade her mortal soul for the possibility of a stranger's salvation.

The stakes could not be higher. 

The enemy could not be more lethal. 

And the only way to reach the light is to, first, enter the Blood Shadows.


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