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Blood Harvest - Tessa Dawn & Eric Dove
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Beneath the dusky glow of a millennium moon, an ancient mystery is unfolding. Two very different vampires have each consumed a vial of blood containing the life force of two primordial princes, both presumed to be dead: “Drink this blood and welcome life; drink this blood and welcome death.” And the contents are stirring, quickening…awakening.

Braden Bratianu was only five years old when he was sired into the Vampyr race. The only fledgling to be made—not born—he struggled with his new identity, his past human frailties, and how to forge a new place in an ancient, lethal society. Yet over time, he also displayed several uncanny abilities: divine intuition, precognition, and an inherent understanding of cryptic texts and archaic spells. His very soul seems to be linked to the heartbeat of the house of Jadon. 

Kristina Riley Silivasi came from a troubled home and a tragic past. Rescued from a Dark One by an Ancient Master Healer, then mistaken for an ancient vampire’s destiny, she was swiftly ushered into a terrifying universe, enduring everything from conversion to betrayal. Though she survived—even thrived—her wounds, her insecurities…and her deep-seated fears have never left her.

When a beloved son of Jadon and a beleaguered daughter of chance are caught in a web of illusion, they must each summon bravery, learn to discern truth from a lie, and dare to risk love…or forfeit the future. The celestial gods cannot save them. They will live or die by the strength of their choices and reap what they sow…reward or ruin.  


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