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"Tessa Dawn is a master of heroic fantasy and gothic romance. Dragons Realm" is original and deftly crafted, a riveting and entertaining read from beginning to end that is replete with unexpected plot twists and turns." 

Midwest Book Review

"Brilliant in its delivery...surpassing what I've ever given in another review. It's truly above and beyond any other PNR novel I've read."

Smitten With Bad Boy Heroes

"Blood Destiny was one of those books I could not put down from the first page to the very last! Every one of the characters is so deeply woven into the story that it leaves you completely enthralled..." 


Vampire Romance Books

"An extraordinarily well written novel...truly impressive."

Midwest Book Review

"Those to whom this is their first introduction to the extraordinary storytelling talents of Tessa Dawn, her four earlier novels are also very strongly recommended."

Midwest Book Review

"Tessa Dawn – simply put – writes powerful, emotionally-driven books. With every release, her writing gets tighter, more raw, visceral and creates an almost "magnetic" pull between her readers and her incredible novels."

(Author) C. Lauren

"Tessa Dawn has blown me away with Blood Awakening...{it is} a fast paced, highly-addictive addition to the Blood Curse series!"

Vampire Romance Books

"(An) exciting saga of fantastic intrigue and monstrous evil!"

Midwest Book Review

"Well written."

"Truly Impressive."

"Outstanding and unique."  

(Midwest Book Review)

"One of the most

dynamic and captivating vampire series

in publishing." 

Jayde Brooks

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