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"Blood Genesis sets the stage for one of the most dynamic and captivating vampire series in publishing..."

Jayde Brooks, Author of Daughter of Gods & Shadows

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Blood Genesis - Tessa Dawn & Eric Dove
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Before there was a modern-day town called Dark Moon Vale, there was an ancient kingdom nestled in the Transylvanian Alps. Before there was a primordial species called the Vampyr, there was a celestial race begotten of gods and men. Before light battled shadow, the sacrifice became mandatory, or the first Blood Moon adorned the celestial sky...

There was The Curse.

A punishment.

An abomination.

The ultimate act of vengeance.

And it was placed upon a people so corrupted by their thirst for blood and dominion that they awakened the souls of the slain and became the souls of the damned:

Young, beautiful, and in the prime of her life, Jessenia Groza is not ready to die. Yet she has been condemned by Prince Jaegar's men, slated as a sacrifice to the gods.

Timaos Silivasi would gladly risk everything - his power, his privilege, his celestial heart - to save his one true love, but fate has a plan of its own...

For this couple.

For this civilization.

For this lost race of warriors, who will never be the same.

Every legend has a beginning...


BLOOD GENESIS: prequel to the Blood Curse Series

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