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DAYWALKER - The Beginning

An Amazon Bestseller

#11 - Science Fiction & Fantasy

#12 - New Adult & College

"Daywalker quickly takes us into a world filled with supernatural suspense and terror and as always... leaves us wanting more. {Tessa's) original ideas mixed with compelling and complex characters take Dark Fantasy to an entirely new level. "

Dennis Crosby


Daywalker - Tessa Dawn & Emily Beresford
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Every one-hundred years a Daywalker is born.

During that time, immortal Nightwalkers search the earth, hunting for that rare chosen soul, hoping to find the one special human who can give them the ability to walk in the sun.

Or kill them.

Lacy Logan thought she had a normal life. She was healthy, happy, and about to start her own paranormal-investigations business…until she met the man in black.


In a matter of days, she was fighting for her life, questioning her sanity, and hoping to uncover a secret from her past that would allow her to slay a demon.

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