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"Brilliant in its delivery...surpassing what I've ever given in another review. It's truly above and beyond any other PNR novel I've read."

Smitten With Bad Boy Heroes

Napolean Mondragon is more than an immortal vampire. He is the sovereign lord of the house of Jadon, the very heartbeat of the race, and a fearsome leader who rules with wisdom, integrity, and strength. Even as Napolean carries the blood of every vampire in his veins, he also carries a dark secret of shame in his heart...a secret that will soon be used against him by his enemies.


When Brooke Adams arrives in Dark Moon Vale for a business conference, she is unaware of the hidden danger that dwells within the valley's majestic forest. A rising star in the corporate world, she has only one goal: to sell a leading-edge concept to her boss and advance her career. Little does she know, her life is about to change forever.


Caught in a tangled web of vengeance and deception, Napolean and Brooke are forced to confront their inner demons. Together, they must fight to survive a savage BLOOD POSSESSION.

Blood Possession - Tessa Dawn & Eric Dove
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