Writing updates

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Dear Readers, 

As of July 14, 2022...

The rough draft for Ghostaniaz - Son of dragons is DONE! 40 chapters plus prologue & epilogue. Beginning the rewrite, etc. Please see below for more detailed information, including re: other series. 

As of May 13, 2022...

As many of you know, between the pandemic & life in general, these last two-years have been brutal (to put it mildly). While I managed to release Blood Harvest in April, 2021 and have been working on Ghost ~ Son of Dragons ever since (book #3 in Pantheon of Dragons), it would seem the moment I finally get into a rhythm, I am interrupted once again with another 'life event' and lose weeks from the writing process.

Stop, start. Stop. Start.


Alas, I keep soldiering on and feel it is time for an update. As of today, I am on chapter 24 of Ghost's rough draft, which means we are still looking at rewrites, edits, cover art, etc. So no, it's not "just around the corner," but it's not light years away either! :-)  And yes, it will be available in eBook, paperback, and audio, although I may not hold up the former to wait for the latter -- TBD.

While I am not ready to announce a firm release date quite yet, I will attest to the book being released during 2022, barring some further - and quite  MAJOR - interruptions, such as an alien invasion or something of the like (hey, don't count it out at this rate). LOL 

That said, I will begin Blood Magick as soon as Ghostaniaz is released, so hopefully that gives you a ballpark on the Blood Curse Series as well. In the meantime, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE! You have all been so amazingly supportive, and here is a little snippet (below) from Ghost's WIP as "proof of life" and "I promise I've been working!" 

Until next time, much love!


Preview from Ghostaniaz - Son of Dragons - upcoming book #3 in Pantheon of Dragons by Tessa Dawn



His top lip twitched.

What the devil was happening?

Why in the name of the Seven had Ghost been given a mate anyway?

Even under normal circumstances—and these were anything but that—the dragyri wasn’t capable, let alone ready, to take on that kind of a head trip. Ghost didn’t possess compassion. He didn’t do tenderness. And he didn’t know love. He got his pleasure wherever he could take it, scratching an occasional itch with craven, broken women in back-alley night clubs, and even then, he only sought release on rare, desperate occasions.

He never, ever got involved.

He never hit the same…source…twice.

And in a thousand years, he had never nuzzled, cuddled, or caressed anyone—hell, he had never even looked a female in the eyes while he was thrusting inside her body. Sex, for Ghost, was like eating or breathing, just a basic primal need, and that was only one of the many reasons he knew he couldn’t handle a mate. Bare bones truth: He was about as capable of caring for a human female as he was unseating King Drakkar from the pagan throne and taking the monarch’s place.


Claiming a dragyra under any circumstances was just not in Ghostaniaz Dragos’ repertoire.